About Us

We are Mary and Spencer, two dahlia enthusiasts from Iowa.

Our love for flowers began the summer when we moved into our house in Polk City, Iowa. Despite having little experience in gardening, we planted a few peonies and a bulk bag of tulips in our front yard. The following spring, we were amazed by the beauty and rewards that came from such a small amount of effort. Soon after the spring flowers faded, we missed the colorful blooms and fresh flowers in our home. To fill the gap, we built three garden beds and invested in a variety of dahlia tubers. That summer, we had an abundance of flowers and set up a table on the corner of our lot with a sign that read "Free Flowers" and offered mason jars of dahlia bouquets to our neighbors. The joy and delight the flowers brought to our community was truly special, and we knew we had found something we loved.

Since then, we have been growing and collecting dahlias of all colors, shapes, and sizes. We hope that our passion for dahlias will inspire you to start your own garden collection and join us in this wonderful journey.

—Mary and Spencer